Custom jewelry refers to the jewelry which we design on our own for someone special. Presently custom-made jewelry is the hottest trend. The trend and fashion of custom jewelry is spreading like wildfire these days. Everyone prefers to opt for custom made jewelry only as compared to the ready-made jewelry. People have started associating it with status symbols. They think that wearing the custom made jewelry looks royal and defines their status.

Consequently, customized jewelry is preferred to a large extent. Numerous reasons are there owing to which people have started buying custom made jewelry. But one should not purchase custom-designed jewelry online, especially if it is diamond jewelry. One should buy Diamond jewelry from jewelry stores newton ma. Let’s discuss in detail about the custom made jewelry and its pros and cons. 

The trend of custom made jewelry

There is a massive popularity of custom made jewelry these days. Numerous reasons are owing to which it has become the trend. Let’s have a look at the factors responsible for the customized jewelry. 

The primary reason is the quality of the jewelry. People spend a lot of money on their jewelry, especially diamond jewelry, and if they don’t get its worth, then all their money goes in vain. In diamond jewelry, cut, color, carat, and clarity are of supreme importance. These are the factors that define the brilliance of the diamond. But jewelers these days only focus on their profits and not on quality. Consequently, consumers customize their jewelry because they want it to be of superior quality. 

The second primary reason for getting customized jewelry for oneself is exclusivity. The customized jewelry is unique and one of its kind. Besides this, customized jewelry throws light on the personality of the wearer and his style. 

When it comes to someone special, everyone tries to give them the best. The same principle applies to jewelry also. People find customized jewelry as a way to express their emotions. They attach their sentiments with the personalized jewelry, which makes it unique. 

Lastly, people think it will increase their status in society if they get their jewelry customized rather than buy ready-made jewelry. 

Reasons for not buying customized jewelry online

Customized jewelry can be purchased both online and from the store. It solely depends on your discretion from where you choose to buy. But it is recommended that you should buy the custom made jewelry from the store only. One should not purchase it online as it involves several risks. 

Difficulty in selection- The first primary reason for not buying customized jewelry online is the selection. If you purchase the personalized jewelry from the store, you will be able to look at its craftsmanship, material, quality, and many more things. You will be able to check whether it’s made according to your given design or not. But if you buy it online, then there are chances that the jewelry may not be the same as you demanded. 

Price- The second important factor is the price. You can make adjustments in the jewelry store’s price if you think that the fee charged is not genuine. You can bargain there. Contrary to it, you cannot complain about the price or anything if you purchased it online. You have to buy according to the price stated by them. Besides this, you will also not be able to assess whether they have used superior material in making your jewelry or not. 

No warranty guaranteed- If you buy the store’s jewelry, you will also get a warranty and the jewelry. It means that if some damage happens to your jewelry within the warranty period, then the jewelry will be repaired and restored free of cost. No additional expenses will be there. But if you buy it online, they won’t give you a warranty first of all, and if granted, then it isn’t easy to get the benefit of it. There is a complicated and lengthy procedure followed to claim your warranty online. 

No service- Lastly, it is about the service. When you walk into the jewelry store, excellent service gets assured to you. To see different jewelry pieces seems like a feast to the eyes. You can touch the sparkling diamonds and lustrous pearls there. But in online shopping, it is not at all possible. You can see the designs but cannot touch and feel them. 


We have apprised you about the disadvantages of buying online jewelry. Now it’s up to you what to choose. In addition to it, you can get the best quality jewelry from the jewelry stores newton ma