It is interesting to note that hardwood floor owners have a heating debate on the topic of whether customers should opt for refinishing or replacing hardwood floors. The decision is based on several reasons that influence your choice including the condition of the floor, the lifespan of the hardwood, budget, and your preferences. Over the years you can expect hardwood to get stained, chipped, or dull but that doesn’t mean that your flooring needs to be replaced, most of the time you only need a re-finishing touch to restore the aesthetic appeal of the floor. When you buy expensive hardwood floors, you do not regret spending each dollar because you know it has a long life. So you can go for a good hardwood floor refinishing option, why should you drain your money on replacement. 

Refinishing is easy on your pocket

As mentioned earlier, by all means, hardwood floor refinishing is more affordable than replacing all the floor. The replacement process begins with ripping and removing hardwood floors to buying and installing new costly hardwood flooring. On contrary, you only have to pay for the refinishing service while you can replace the area which has more wear and tear or damage. We understand how everyone makes decision-based on the budgets and if this is one of the main reasons to make the choice then it is better to go for refinishing.

Durability and condition 

Whenever you invest in home improvement you always weigh The durability and condition of the object you are replacing. In this case, you need to monitor the condition of the current wooden floor and the duration it has been used for. If the Current flooring has been in your house for decades, then maybe it is time to get the new one. However, if it has been installed a few years ago then all you need is refinishing. However, at the end of the day, it all depends on the condition of the floor, if you have invested in low-quality wood or have handled it very roughly or have refinished it several times then you may need a replacement. 

Restoring the kerb appeal of the floor

If the main purpose of installing a hardwood floor in your house was its curb appeal and you’re finding it getting dull over the years or developing scratches and you want it back in its original state. In this condition getting a hardwood floor refinishing is the best option to restore the exquisite look of hardwood flooring without stressing out the budget. 

Requires more time

It may sound surprising, did you know that hardwood floor refinishing is a more time consuming and stressful procedure, which takes 4 to 5 days. This process doesn’t disrupt the flow of your life and can be done with your presence in the house while for a replacement you are usually required to vacate the house. However, replacement is a shorter process that can be completed in 2 days.