Planning to travel to the US? Being a national of a VWP approved country, you needn’t apply for a Visa, unless you are planning to work or study there. However, you will need an ESTA to enter the US. All nationals from the Netherlands and other approved countries can Request ESTA for America (ESTA AANVRAGEN VOOR AMERIKA) for their travel to the US. An approved ESTA is essential if you want to set foot on American soil. 

But what confuses most people is what they should do if they are taking connecting flights to or within the US. Many may wonder why anyone would need indirect or connecting flights when many airlines take you directly to the US. There are many reasons for availing indirect flights, the most important being cost and unavailability of direct flights to and from small cities. Whatever may the reason be, indirect or connecting flights are common and you must put up your VISA Request America before you intend to travel. 

Different conditions under which you will need an ESTA

As you know very well, you cannot board a flight to the US without an ESTA. But if you have connecting flights, where do you show your ESTA. Well, this will vary depending on the flights you take, but remember that you must Request ESTA for America before going forward with flight bookings. 

  1. International – international 

If you have booked a flight to a different country and then to the US, you may have to show your approved ESTA at the immigration counter in your country. This happens if you have booked both flights through the same airlines. However, if you haven’t, you will have to present your ESTA before boarding your final flight to the US. It is important that you have permission to land in the stop-over country as well. So, find out what the costs are along with Cost VISA America (KOSTEN VISUM AMERIKA) and apply for the same. 

  1. Domestic – international 

If your first flight is within the country and then onwards you take your flight to the US, then you wouldn’t need to show your ESTA at your initial boarding point. The boarding process will be quite similar to any other travel. Your approved ESTA will be checked before you board your flight to the US. 

  1. International – domestic

If your first flight is to the US and then you have a domestic flight within the US, you will first your ESTA when boarding the first flight. When you land at your first destination, your ESTA will be checked and verified. If the information you entered is correct and there is no transgression to the rules set up by the CBP and DHS, you will be allowed to board your next flight. Always remember to be truthful when you Request ESTA for America (ESTA AANVRAGEN VOOR AMERIKA)Getting off your next flight will be easy as you do not need to go through customs all over again.

This information should make it easy for you to understand where you need your ESTA if you have to avail of indirect/connecting flights to and within the US.