Yes, blogging still very much relevant and important today. So here’s the ultimate guide to blogging in 2021 – how to set up your blog, gain more traffic, increase your revenue and create more money for you. This article includes affiliate links, which means if you decide to click through and actually make a sale, you will receive a small percentage of the proceeds.

Start by creating a new WordPress blog and adding plugins such as WP Super Favors to help you monetize your blog. There are literally hundreds of plugins available for WordPress that will help you create and manage an entire website, blog, or a number of blogs. You can also use social media networks to monetize your blog. There are plugins for Twitter, Facebook, Flippa, and several other social media networks. To get started on these networks just search “blog + social media” on Google and find a plugin for your network of choice.

Another way to monetize your blog is with affiliate links. Start by joining several affiliate programs, e-mail the program administrators asking them if they will promote products related to your niche on their website and they will be more than happy to oblige, especially if it’s something that will help you build your audience. If you don’t have any affiliate campaigns running right now, you can always hire one or two professionals to help you build your audience and drive more visitors to your site and then develop your affiliate marketing campaigns.

You can also use sites like Instagram, Facebook, and twitter to promote your blog posts and get more exposure. Use your photo on Instagram to share your blog posts and keep adding great content to Facebook each day. Make sure you give your followers enough notice that you are posting new content. Use twitter to tweet about interesting things around your niche and post your photos there regularly. The more social media you participate in the better chance you have of getting noticed by potential readers.

If you are a blogger who also has an Instagram account then go ahead and integrate the Instagram pictures you upload into your blog posts. I recommend using the tag button while you are viewing the picture and using the comment button to comment on your Instagram pictures. This will not only generate more social media traffic for your site but will also drive more people to your blog post. Just like Facebook and twitter, it will be important for you to constantly post new content to Instagram so that your followers know that you have new blog posts to share.

Once you have built up a decent followers list on all of your social media channels like Facebook and twitter, it is important to have a steady stream of content to share with them. In addition to regular blog posts you may want to make it a habit to send them occasional newsletters or video blogs. The reason why it is so important to keep adding fresh content to your website and blog is because you want your readership to grow over time. If you only post links to products and services on your websites then over time it will become very ineffective because no one is really going to buy anything from you if you are always pushing the same stuff. With constant contact you can actually attract people to buy products from you and that is a very good thing.

Another great thing to do is to make it a habit to leave comments on other people’s blog posts. Not only is it great to show a little social media marketing for your business but also it is a great way to let others know what kind of blog posts you are reading and viewing. If you leave comments on other people’s blog posts, they will actually check out your website because you’re so active on the That’s how powerful social media marketing is because it actually takes effort to get involved. You’ll have to put effort in if you want to see results so make sure that you keep doing your daily routine of posting to all your different social media accounts.

Finally, you should use Instagram and Facebook to market your blog more than any other social media site. With Instagram you can take photographs of your products to use as advertisement for your product. With Facebook you can promote events you are having and share photos of your dogs or cats. With both sites you can share short videos of yourself doing something funny and entertaining. By doing this you’ll be able to build up a full time social media marketing strategy that will see you become successful in the future.