Napali Coast Boat Tours offers a variety of things to do on the beautiful Napali Coast. Napali Coast is the western portion of the island of Kauai, accessible by the Napali ferry. This scenic area is filled with waterfalls, sand dunes, and mountains. This Napali Coast Boat Tour is sure to offer a vacationer a unique experience of breathtaking sunsets, beautiful beaches, and exciting excursions around the scenic cliffs that make up the Napali Coast.

The Napali Coast offers many different water tours to explore. These include snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, and windsurfing. Each offers a unique adventure with an abundance of tropical fish and coral that enliven the tour. Two of the most popular tours are offered on the Napali Coast Boat Tours.

The Napali Coast Sunset Cruise is a two and one half day tour. It starts in the town of Nuokka and ends at the southern most point of the island of Maui. This Napali Coast boat tour is perfect for those who love to watch the sunsets from the water. Two types of boats are used on the Napali Coast sunset cruise; one large boat for sightseeing, and a smaller boat for the actual sunset viewing.

The other Napali Coast Tours are designed for those who love to explore the ocean itself. They start off at the Nuokka harbor where visitors can marvel at the beautiful sunsets over the water. After seeing the sunsets, lunch and entertainment are offered by the tour’s staff and snorkeling experts. One boat will take visitors to the islands of Kauai and Molokai, while the other will take visitors to the sea caves of Napali. The Molokai Sea Caves have been beautifully mapped out and are an amazing site to explore.

Another of the Napali Coast boat tours is the Napali Kai iii or the beach boat tour. This tour boats provide visitors to the Napali Coast with views of the beautiful beaches. Unlike the other boats, the Napali Kai iii provides accommodation and lunch on the journey as well as lunch and dinner on the island of Kauai. This tour is perfect for visitors who love to sit by the water and just enjoy the view.

The Napali Coast also has a ship that provides visitors to the various places along the Napali coastline with magnificent views of the sea caves. These cruises are chartered by the Napali captain. Although there is a charge per person for this type of tour, the captain will put everyone at ease because they will be traveling on a well-constructed boat. Most captains have years of experience in sailing and know all the ports that they visit along the coast. They will also take the time to explain everything to their guests so that they can get to know all about the unique features of each port.

For those individuals who love to kayak, the Napali Coast has a captain named Captain Nate who will arrange a kayaking tour. This tour usually takes about an hour and half and allows visitors to take in views of the blue ocean. Captain Nate also arranges for lunch and dinner on the boat, so that visitors are not forced to cook their own meals. Kayaking is a wonderful experience and Captains Nate are the best kayakers on the planet.

Anyone who wants to see the Napali Coast can do so on a boat cruise. Napali has some of the finest beaches in the world and visitors often take tours that allow them to see the famed Napali cliffs. These breathtaking views are available to everyone and traveling on a boat cruise allows you to do so. If you are able to make it to Napali, the once popular and coveted coastline is sure to enchant you.