QuickBooks Error Code H303 suggests that the QuickBooks Company archives placed in your laptop desires extra configuration. The principal purpose for mistakes H101, H303, and H505 is that whilst trying to get right of entry to the organisation file placed on specific laptop and the laptop desires extra set up and setup.”.

Error H101, H202, H303 & H505 is a collection of QuickBooks blunders that are pretty frequent and appear whilst opening the organisation files. QuickBooks accounting software program gives you get admission to to more than one buddies of your body of workers to strategy the organisation file in QuickBooks for updating monetary information

Why the H303 Error Occurs?

Usually whilst trying to improve connection with the organization file, QuickBooks fails to set up a connection with the server ensuing to the prevalence of H303 error. Below are the possible reasons why the error occurs:

• Caused due to the fact of broken or incorrect .ND file.

• The business enterprise documents hosted with the aid of the server or the IP tackle of the gadget can’t be obtained by means of the accounting software.

• Result of misguided internet hosting configuration settings.

• Firewall blocks the conversation procedure of the enterprise files.

• Improper laptop network.

QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor is a free device that resolves H303, H505 and different error sequences stated above. The device wholly verifies your community configuration, organization file and associated archives for mistakes and assists you with perfect education and decision steps of the issues. The device can be without difficulty downloaded. Once effectively downloaded, install and run the tool. The software program simplifies the guide trouble of verifying connections and modifies the settings.

Compatibility of the Product

The product is like minded with QuickBooks 2012 and preceding variations of the application.

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How to Troubleshoot the Error?

Solution 1: Thoroughly Verify QuickBooks Hosting Settings

• Start QuickBooks on computer systems configured for more than one user.

• Select the File on each computer system and then choose Utilities -> Stop Hosting Multi User Configuration.

• Turn on internet hosting on one of the computer systems by means of File -> Utilities -> Host Multi User Configuration.

• Restart QuickBooks on each of the computers.

Solution 2: Change the QuickBooks Folder Location

• Create a new folder in the web hosting computer, then share and set the Windows get entry to permissions to share enterprise files.

• Copy the .qbw file to the new folder.

• Open your enterprise documents in multi consumer mode.

Solution 3: Recreate Firewall Settings

• Start pc and pick the Control Panel.

• Go to Firewall Settings in the Control Panel.

• Choose Firewall Settings and then pick Allow a Program via Firewall.

• Click on ‘Add Program’ and then add ‘QuickBooks 20xx’ to the exception list.

• Restart your laptop to test the modifications are carried out successfully.