QuickBooks error 248 can take place when a person tries to run payroll for the personnel or take a backup of the QuickBooks organisation file. When the error occurs, you can get an error message on your display screen that reads, “QuickBooks enterprise file is no longer found.” The error message indicated that you want to rebuild your QuickBooks agency file

What Are The Possible Causes Behind QuickBooks Backup Error 248?

: QuickBooks discovered some troubles with your corporation file, however don’t worry! You can restore most troubles with the aid of rebuilding your enterprise file.” This error message can take region in the main due to two motives as cited in the below-given list:

Damage in QuickBooks enterprise file

Overpaying of an employee

How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Message 248?

Now that you are conscious of the viable motives at the back of error code 248 in QB, you can get to the bottom of the problem with the utmost ease. Follow the options defined beneath and get to the bottom of the error like a pro:

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Solution 1: Run QuickBooks Rebuild Data Utility

QuickBooks Verify & Rebuild Data Utilities work collectively to self discover and get to the bottom of enterprise file troubles in the QuickBooks software. The error message additionally suggests the troubleshooting by means of making use of the Rebuild Data Utility in QuickBooks. 

Follow the below-given steps:

Open QuickBooks software and from underneath the File tab, choose Utilities

Now click on Rebuild Data alternative

Follow the on-screen guidelines with utmost interest to keep your enterprise backup files

Wait till the file backup system completes and then hit OK to end the task

If QuickBooks error 248 persists after this troubleshooting procedure, cross to the subsequent solution.

Solution 2: Make Use Of Verify Data Utility

Verify Data Utility in QuickBooks helps customers discover the feasible records integrity troubles in the corporation file. Follow the below-stated steps to use it:

Launch QuickBooks utility in the first place

Now go to the File tab and choose Utilities >> Verify Data

Hit OK if you get the message “QuickBooks detected no trouble with your data.”

If the utility detects any trouble in the corporation file, click on Rebuild Now to restore the issue

Hit Close to finish

What To Do When QuickBooks Error 248 Occurs While jogging Payroll?

QuickBooks error 248 whilst walking payroll can crop up due to overpaying an worker or overpaying payroll taxes. To unravel the issue, delete applicable paychecks by means of following the below-described solution.

Solution 3: Create And Add Item In QuickBooks

Launch QuickBooks software and observe the below-given steps:

Click Payroll List Option from inside List part and then pick New Item

Next, click on Custom Setup alternative and click on Next.

Enter a title for the new Item you desire to add in QuickBooks

Now pick an appropriate account to hyperlink the item.

For the Tax Tracking Type option, pick None and then hit Next twice.

Hit Neither and then Next.

Enter the quantity that is overpaid and then hit Finish.