This error takes location at instances when you are attempting to download a payroll or updating QuickBooks Desktop. You acquire an error with a message exhibiting on your laptop display screen stating:QuickBooks Error 15102: Failed to reset update.

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Reasons of QuickBooks Error 15102

There are a number of motives in the back of this error:

  • You have become on the Shared download, however the area the place downloads take region is both no longer reachable or invalid.
  • Multi-user mode is lively and QuickBooks is in the terminal server environment.
  • You are no longer having access to QuickBooks with administrator rights on your Windows Vista.

Resolving QuickBooks Error 1502:

The top cause for this error is out of date QuickBooks. You want to update your QuickBooks to the state-of-the-art launch to make sure that the hassle is assessed properly. In case the hassle persists after updating QuickBooks, you want to comply with these options:

First Method:

  1. Ensure that the place of the mapped file is correct:
  3. Open the Product Information Window by clicking Ctrl+1. Look for the area direction and observe it down.
  4. Go to Choose> Update QuickBooks.
  5. Hit the Operations Ensure that the data given in the Download Location is now not incorrect.
  6. In case the Download is energetic (Set to Yes), the force in each Download Location and Product Information will be the same.
  7. In case the Download is lively (Set to Yes), the power in each Download Location and QuickBooks Desktop setup listing will be the same.
  8. In case you discover out that the area is no longer correct, you will want to alternate the set location. Choose and comply with any of the following:
  9. If the choice Yes is opted for Shared Download, choose No and then
  10. If the alternative No is opted for Shared Download, choose Yes and then
  11. Hit Close and down load the brand new tax desk from QuickBooks.

Second Method:

  • In case you discover that the download place is right, you will want to remap the drive:
  • Shut down your QuickBooks Desktop and its organisation file.
  • Reroute the community force to a new letter.
  • Use the new power letter that you have simply created and get right of entry to your employer file from there.
  • Click on Help> Update QuickBooks.
  • Hit
  • Go to Shared Download. Turn it off and then on again.
  • Ensure that the new mapped-drive letter is used by way of download location.
  • Hit Save> Close.
  • Go to QuickBooks and as soon as once more download the state-of-the-art tax desk