Flowers are a versatile item to choose and give someone to convey your message, gesture and emotion. Whether you pick them as a gift or give them to appreciate someone, they are a perfect item for every occasion. Plus, they are inexpensive and found abundantly everywhere.

However, flowers do have certain meanings and symbolism. These significations are based on their color, type and even arrangement. There are flowers that are considered to be apt for specific occasions. For instance, big flower arrangements are appropriate for funeral flowers Sterling Heights Michigan or in other locations.

So, without further ado, let’s learn how we can choose the right flowers for different types of occasions.

1. Flowers for Valentine’s Day and Birthdays

Birthdays are happy celebratory events. Hence, you have to pick up flowers that signifies the message of joy and happiness. You can opt for any type of yellow colored flower for such occasions. As the yellow color aptly indicates friendship and rejoice. Bright colored flowers are preferred and most suitable for joyful events as such.

For Valentine’s Day, the red colored roses are the perfect choice. Since the color red is a clear symbolism of love and affection. If you are new in a relationship then go for lavender roses as they indicate the meaning ‘enchantment’.

2. Flowers for Funerals

You have to be careful when it comes to picking flowers for a grieving event such as funerals. Make sure to seek help from a florist as they know exactly what to pick for such events.

You would not want to choose the wrong flowers and upset the family members even more. You must opt for flowers that symbolize respect and love. Of course, you want to pay your tribute to the deceased and the best way to do that is selecting the right flowers.

Flowers like lilies and chrysanthemums are most preferred on such occasions. Also, make sure to go for lighter colored flowers as they indicate peace and calmness.

3. Flowers for Anniversaries or Weddings

For weddings, it is favorable that you choose flowers as per the bride’s liking and choice. Therefore, it could be anything really.

And for wedding anniversaries, it really depends on the year of anniversary that the couple are celebrating. For example, Daisies could be an apt flower to give the couple for a 5 year marked Anniversary. Take the help of a florist to decide upon a flower for the event.


Flowers are truly one of the best items that one can give to someone for conveying a gesture or a message. They are nature’s wonderful creation.

With their different symbolism, they make a perfect item to present anyone depending on the occasion.

The above list will help you make the right flowers to choose for different occasions. Whether you want funeral flowers Sterling Heights Michigan or other locations, flowers are the perfect item to pick.