Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of improving the visibility of a website or ranking of an online shop in the search engine’s organic results. Hereby we’ll be discussing the key elements of SEO that help you get more traffic from google and similar search engines. 

SEO is categorically divided into two parts: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Wherein, on-page refers to all the techniques which can be incorporated in your website to improve its ranking on the results page of the search engine. Off-page SEO means everything which is done outside of the website to increase its visibility on the web, these factors cannot be directly controlled by you. To ensure high rankings on the search engine result page, opt for the best SEO services in India from Recenturesoft Infotech, a leading technology solutions provider!

On-page SEO Components

The most essential on-page SEO elements consist of:

1. Content Quality – Google says one of the most important elements of SEO is creating high-quality content which provides users with the information they are looking for. For this, ensure that your pages give useful and accurate information about topics and the user should receive what they are expecting after clicking on your page. Some of the tactics which can degrade your quality as well as the ranking are – automatically generated content, duplicated content, content with an unnatural stuffing of keywords, etc. 

2. Crawling and Indexing – There’s a high need of getting your tactics to make crawling and indexing easy for the search engines. Without this, the search engine won’t be able to crawl and index your website, and as a result of which your website will not show up in the results. Some of the best methods of improving these are: uploading a sitemap, adding internal links, etc.

3. E-A-T – This stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Expertise refers to that the author of the content piece should have some kind of expertise in that specific area. Authoritativeness indicated the overall reputation of the website. Shares and links from well-known people and sites are some of the best ways to represent your authoritativeness. Trustworthiness means the number of trust people can put in after looking at your website. Accurate information, positive reviews, and adequate security of the website, all demonstrate the trustworthiness of your website.

4. Search Intent – The search intent of the provided keyword indicates what the user wants to attain by searching it. It’s very essential to understand the search intent of your targeted keywords. There are several types of search intent, some of them are transactional. Here the user is willing to make a payment after availing of a service or buying a product, navigational; with this, the user is trying to find a particular page, and informational; where the user is looking to learn about something. 

5. Keyword Usage – Using relevant and accurate keywords can make your website rank high on the search engine result page. The target keyword should be included in the webpage’s title tag, meta description, and H1 heading. Make sure to use it several times in your content piece for a good ranking position. 

Off-page SEO Components – 

Some of the very important off-page SEO elements are:

6. Social Signals – Getting more engagement such as likes and shares on social media will boost up your SEO like anything. Social shares automatically lead to increased traffic, which the search engines view as a positive signal. Here are some of the techniques that can be adopted to encourage shares on social media. They include increasing your follower’s rate by the regular posting of content, write eye-catching and share-worthy headlines, share content from business social media accounts, write on trending topics, etc.

7. Backlinks – It’s very important to remember that it’s not just about the website with the most links but about the websites which have quality links that are pointing back to them. Create the best product site possible so people will talk about the products you sell. They will link back to your website. Creating newsworthy and graphical content will bring traffic to your website as it will influence bloggers and news websites. 

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