Possible Causes For The Error 0x80070052

If the directory or file cannot be created error happens, you cannot create any new files and folders or copy items to the device. To solve this annoying error, you need to know the possible causes for the error 0x80070052.

After looking through multiple materials, I summarized them as follows.

  1. The encryption key is unable to be moved with the encrypted file.
  2. The removable drive format has a limitation on file or folder number. For example, if you use the FAT16, the root folder cannot hold files that exceeds 128 pieces.
  3. The directory path could not be found on the drive.
  4. There is certain type of file corruption on the drive.
  5. There space on the USB is not sufficient for the copied files or folders.
  6. The file or the directory name includes unacceptable characters.
  7. The USB drive may not be formatted properly before.
  8. Windows system files are damaged.

After learning about the causes for the error, it’s time to take some measures to fix it. So, how to fix this troublesome issue? The following content will show them for you.

Solution 1: Create a New Folder on the Removable Device

According to user report, the error 0x80070052 can be solved and will not occur when they create a new folder on the removable device and they copy the file. If you don’t paste the file directly on the root folder, you can avoid the error to the greatest extent.

You can do this in a few clicks. After opening your removable drive, right click the empty space and select New > Folder. Then,   

Solution 2: Change File Permissions

The Windows error 0x80070052 can be caused by the limited file permissions. If so, you need to change the file permissions with these steps.

Step 1: Right click on the file or folder that triggers the error during the copy process, and then click on Properties and click the Security feature.


Step 2: Click Edit to open the next window.


Step 3: If you want to set permissions for a group or user that don’t appear in the Group or User Name part, click Add. Then, choose the object types and then enter the name of the target group or user and click OK. If you would like to change or delete permissions for the group or user, click on its name and choose Remove.


Solution 3: Free USB Space

Solution 6: Copy Encrypted Files

When you receive the Windows error 0x80070052 during the process of copying encrypted files, you should do some extra work to make sure that the encryption key is also transferred.

If you utilize the built-in encryption method, you need to ensure that the service related to Credential Manager is in Automatic status and running simultaneously when copying the file.

What’s more, you should also ensure that the program (like McAfee) used for encrypting files is running when copying the encrypted files. If you would like to copy encrypted files to external device smoothly, you can refer to the following steps.

Step 1: Keep your third-party encryption program running.

Tip: If you utilize Windows built-in encryption utility, you can ignore this and jump to the next steps.

Step 2: After opening the Run window by pressing Win and R keys, type services.msc and press the Enter key to go on.


Step 3: In the Services screen, scroll down the service list to find Credential Manager. Right click it and click on Properties from the pop-up menu. 


Step 4: Set the Startup type of Credential Manager to Automatic, and then click on Start under the Service status tab. Finally, select Apply.


Step 5: Copy the encrypted files that previously caused the directory or file cannot be created error to see if the error is fixed.

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