Find the best and fast working proxies, especially the free ones, is a tedious task. If you are not lucky on a particular day, you might find no free proxies that work for your purpose. The best and fast working proxies usually are paid or premium ones. Since the premium proxies like tamilrockers proxy today are available at a low price, it is always better to choose these instead of free untrusted ones. The wisdom you get what you pay for works great for with proxies as well. Below are some of the steps you should take to find the best and fast working proxies over the internet. 

Consult your friends and family

Since proxies’ usage is gaining popularity these days, any of your friends or family might be using a good proxy themselves. Consult them as they have your best interest. With their experience of using a particular proxy, they might give you detailed information about what they like and do not like about it. This will significantly help you to decide if that proxy is right for you. 

Scroll through forums and blogs that give honest proxy sites

Like on this blog, we provide honest opinions about different proxies such as Tamilrockers proxy; there are plenty of review sites that detail various proxies available on the internet. A good review site will share both pros and cons and let you know what type of service you will be getting beforehand. Forums, on the other hand, have customer feedback. Most of the time, these feedbacks is left by honest users. If there are many negative comments about a specific feature of a proxy, then take note of it and evaluate its impact on your internet usage. Do not consider the testimonials on the official site of a proxy. Usually, these testimonials are fake and hide the real picture. They are posted only to market their product to the world. 

Type in Best and Fast proxies on Google

This might sound silly; however, it works as Google has all the intelligent algorithms running that decide what proxy could be best for you depending on your location. Usually, Google shows you links of high-end proxy providers first and the results of review and comparison sites offering you the best proxies. But use this method to narrow down your choice and later do the research based on the above points, looking for reviews and forums for real feedback.

Once you find a good proxy such as Tamilrockers proxy, share it with the world to get famous and help the proxy provider stay alive. As you use the proxy, you will realize that all the sites that were blocked before could be opened freely with good anonymity. Unlimited proxy data access offered by Tamilrockers proxy will enable you to even watch movies in HD quality without interruption as long as you have a good working internet connection.