Make your child happy by offering him a well-made room that charms the eyes and stimulates the senses with a decoration that takes into account the expectations and tastes of the little ones, while emphasizing the aesthetic side. We will explain step by step how to do it.

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Walls, ceiling and floor

Lying on the bed, the child pays particular attention to the decoration of the ceiling. It is therefore strongly advised to give the ceiling a covering that is both stimulating and pleasant, such as decorative mobiles, stickers or multi-colored decorative ribbons. It’s up to you to decide based on your preferences!

For the walls, you can paint them in blue, green, white or even pink. You can even play on the contrast by painting each wall with a different color. Provide a wire on which you can hang the most beautiful drawings of your little one to add to the walls a touch of childish beauty.
You can afford anything for your child’s bedroom floor. You have the choice between carpets, rugs or even plastic coverings. But take care to wash them regularly enough for the health of your little one.

Imagination lighting

The lighting in the room should create an atmosphere that promotes rest and well-being of the child while giving you the opportunity to take care of him. In this situation, a dilemma ceiling light may be quite suitable. Otherwise, consider having a variety of light sources to use as needed. You can also provide extra lighting for your child’s desk. Instead of a night light, you can use a bright word with your child’s name or anything else they care about. Nowadays, there is a tendency to use paper luminaries offering soft lighting.

The office area

As long as there are homework to do and lessons to review, your child’s room must necessarily be equipped with a suitable desk and a chair for more concentration. This space dedicated to work must be devoid of any distraction such as toys or decorative items. Do not place the desk facing the hallway or near the window.

The bed and storage units

You can choose a modular bed adaptable to any age, or a single bed. Decorate the bed with cushions, comforters and sheets according to your child’s preferences and in line with the general decor of the room. The wardrobe placed near the bed should not be bulky so as not to occupy a large area. Try to clear as much floor space as possible, as children need it to play. To do this, you can get multi-purpose furniture and sizes suitable for children. Likewise, the shelves make it possible to avoid cluttering the floor, and give lightness to the decor.

To remember

Your child is the first concerned by the decoration of his room. Therefore, take care to involve him, if possible, in the choice of furniture, decorative items and colors. It would be disappointing to waste your time and money to materialize your own idea. An idea, as great as it is, is worthless if it is not shared. So let your child choose.