Choosing the baby stroller is something I advise you to invest time if you want it to be the most suitable for your family .For me, there is an essential point in choosing a baby stroller that will help you discard a lot of models. Think that your stroller will be a long time and the comfort of the little one and the one who walks it depends on the decision you make now. I tell you that the best stroller is not going to be the most expensive when you know what to look for.

Starting point to choose the best baby stroller

You do not need to go anywhere to look at carts, or view catalogs or online pages. It is an easy choice but it will definitely mark the comfort for the baby and yours.To choose the best baby carriage for YOU, all you have to do is stop to think about where the cart is going to roll , where you are going to go with it.

You see how easy? Well, when you know where the cart is going to go, you already have the most important clear point: the wheels.

Why is it so important? Because not all wheels go well on all terrains.

The comfort of the baby and who will push the cart will depend on the wheel, as I said before. Our back suffers enough, without having to break down for having a cart with the wrong wheel. Best Prams & Strollers

How to choose the best baby stroller or chair

Types of baby carriage wheels

Large inflatable wheels : ideal for any terrain: cobblestone, field, beach, for a town or city with many obstacles, … This way we prevent the little one from jumping around in the cart. It is worn almost effortlessly. We give you air at the gas station. We have a spare camera and they can be patched. No puncture in three years that we have given tute of field and mountain. For me there is a word that defines them: comfort . You guessed it, they are my favorites.

Rigid wheels : for smooth terrains like a shopping mall but it costs more to carry and since they do not cushion anything, the little one jumps inside. The advantages are that these wheels do not puncture and that these trolleys take up a little less folding.Rubber filled wheels : They do not reach the comfort of the air ones but they are a little better than the rigid ones.

As you see the most important decision is easy since the only thing you have to think about is where you are going to go with the cart.

The starting point, the wheels, is already clear. We discard chairs that do not have those wheels.

Before continuing with what I think are the keys to choosing a cart, I repeat the usual advice: look, look and look.

I am a big fan of buying and comparing online. Here you can see a table with prices for baby carriages and below another one with accessories for the strollers you use. Remember to take a good look that they are of the age range you need.

6 more keys to choose the best baby stroller

What do we have to look at now? I advise you to follow the following points in this order and discard chairs to reach the most suitable for your family.

Individual or not . Twins, a single baby, triplets, newborn plus little brother @ little … There are models for all needs. Think about the future as we are; D. You can save yourself a paston in the long run.

Measurements . Do you enter through the door where you live? You will not like having to take the baby out and fold it every time you go in and out of the house. I know who happened to a chair with twins and they had to buy another. Another issue is that it enters the trunk of the car. If you look online, they usually put the measurements of the stroller already folded.

Carrycot and car seat (group 0) or not . There are the typical three-in-one pushchairs with a carrycot, a baby car seat and a stroller for when you are older. They are usually expensive but you will get a limited benefit. For the car, it is better to buy a chair in reverse from zero months to four years (much safer than looking forward). Those that come with the cart usually serve only up to approximately nine months . There are two alternatives for the cart itself:

Strollers with a special backrest that is completely horizontal that serve from newborn until they are older (some up to 25 Kg.).

Strollers that have an adaptable carrycot without having to buy everything (it goes apart but it compensates the price).

Locking brake on wheels . Essential . I guess they will all bring it. Imagine having a minute (running after another child, for example, opening a door …) leaving the cart without being able to stop it.

A good harness , are usually five points. I have not seen any single belt but if you see it, discard it. In fact, I do not even believe that it meets quality standards.

Desirable . The most important and decisive is already there but there are other elements of your future stroller that will make your life easier:

A great hood . The thing about the umbrellas in very cute but very impractical with a little wind they turn or break. In addition, the hood protects it from the wind and sudden light rain.