• Jiangsu University – Ranked Amongst the Top Research Universities

Jiangsu University is located in China and is ranked amongst the top research universities in the country. Jiangsu University China has a unique reputation of being the best universities in the field of research and the university has registered many patents and achieved several rewards for working and being successful in the field of education.

  • Courses Offered

The university has several departments and there are many courses which are being taught in university successfully. Medicinal courses are amongst the top and most successful courses which are being taught at Jiangsu University. Thousands of medical aspirants apply to get an education in the medicinal department of Jiangsu University on an annual basis.

  • Admission in Jiangsu University

Out of these medical aspirants, there are many students who apply from many foreign countries to get admission in the Jiangsu University as the university is famous in many countries around the world for its quality of education. Currently close to 40000 students are studying at the university which shows the trust of people in the university and its education.

  • Best Infrastructure Facilities

The quality of the teachers and the curriculum of the university match international standards and the university is known for some of the best infrastructure facilities in China. Indian students have always found Jiangsu University as a top-rated university in China as there are many Indian students who have studied in the university and there are many who are currently studying in it.

  • Recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI)

The major reason behind the divergence of Indian students towards the Jiangsu University is that the affordable education system of the university and also the university is recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI) and because of that the Indian students can easily practice their medical degree in India after completion of their medical course from the university however that would be subject to clearing the MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test. The MBBS has always been a time consuming course because being a doctor is not just a profession but also a responsibility as the doctors have to deal with the lives of the patients more often than not.

  • Course Duration

So the curriculum is detailed and thorough in the MBBS course and Jiangsu University as well the duration, of course, is for 6 years which is inclusive of a 1-year internship for students.

  • Cost of Accommodation

The students have the option to complete their internship from their home country which is an excellent factor for Indian students as they get to live close to their family and friends and also they are able to save money as they do not have to bear the cost of accommodation in a foreign land. The best part about staying and accommodating in the hostel of Jiangsu University is that the location of the university is close to Shanghai and the students can go over there on weekends and enjoy the atmosphere of the city and the country.

  • PG Course also Offer

Jiangsu University also provides a PG course to the students and if a student wants to extend his education in the university he or she can easily do that by opting for a PG course after their graduation. These are some great advantages to study MBBS in China