In the era of digital communication brought to the highest level, classic communication for small and large commercial businesses through the most disparate techniques of customization on fabric has not lost appeal, on the contrary, it has become increasingly necessary and almost obvious. Whether it’s a trendy place, a dental clinic, a beauty center or any other activity that has contacts with the public, having all the staff dressed in work clothes personalized with the name and logo is a plus of communication. Customers will deal with neat and dressed employees all in the same way, the trust associated with your brand and the team spirit among your employees will grow.


There are several techniques for customizing the fabrics with which work wear is typically made:

  • Transfer printing
  • Embroidery
  • Carved thermo adhesive vinyl

All three of these techniques can be used to better personalize your clothing .

To choose which one to use and ask for a detailed quote, it is important to know the fabrics on which the customization service must be made and what the result is to achieve.

Embroidery on a stretch cotton polo shirt is a very complex customization to be made, if you want to obtain an excellent level result. It will be important to evaluate how much the elasticity characteristics of the fabric can impact on the final embroidery surface. Unlike the previous case, a name embroidered on a t-shirt has a much lower level of complexity but still requires an excellent arrangement of embroidery equipment.

Usually the typical customer of a customization service does not know in detail the various techniques of customization on fabric, it will be the care of the professional who will choose to advise him best. In this article you will find tips for making the best custom workwear possible.

Let’s go into detail now.


It is the fastest and cheapest procedure on the market. The logo, name or writing are directly impressed on a thermally sensitive paper support, with the LED laser printing process.

After this first step, the fabric to which the graphics are to be transferred is preheated, immediately after, the printed paper support is positioned at the point where it is necessary to customize and subjected to a high hot pressing.

After a variable time depending on the type of fabric, fixing pressure, type of transfer support and operating temperature, the graphics will finally be fixed on the material to be customized.


Among the techniques of customization on fabric, the one of the highest quality on the market. It is used for the creation of writings and designs of various shapes and sizes on any type of fabric (cotton, leather, synthetic etc … ..). The embroideries made on shirts, polo shirts, aprons, gowns and many other supports guarantee elegance and durability for the chosen personalization projects. The realization involves the use of CNC controlled professional embroidery machines that interpret embroidery systems built by skilled craftsmen. Each system is a proprietary file that converts vector graphics (.ai .pdf. Svg etc …) or raster (.jpg .png etc …) into embroidery stitches that the machine can interpret in order to reproduce exactly the graphics / writing required.

The realization of an excellent system is the basis of the final quality of the embroidered personalization. The accuracy with which the embroidery stitches are arranged in order to accurately reproduce the shapes contained in a logo means that the work of the punching craftsman who built it becomes an essential element of any customization with Embroidery Services in UAE.


The latter technique, of which we will deal, at least as widespread as transfer printing, requires that personalization be carried out by carving a thermo-adhesive film through special cutting plotters. The shapes created with specific vector software will make up specific elements of logos, letters and writings. Once the components of the customization project have been carved, every single element will be pressed onto the fabric at high temperature.

The graphics that will remain imprinted on the workwear customized with the logo and writings can be washed even at high temperatures without undergoing any damage over time.

There are many other techniques of customization on fabric that are used especially in industrial realities for the customization of clothing, gadgets and accessories on large quantities. The article, like many others, does not have the intent to cover all the characteristics of the customization techniques in detail, rather it is a small introductory guide that allows individuals, professionals and small businesses to find the best customization solution suited to their needs .

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