The glorious landmark of Dubai is the safest city in the world with the highest safety index of 88.67%. The cocktail bars, concerts, cruise, shopping malls, sky-scraping buildings, and deserts of Dubai attract tourists to explore unseen places. My name is Vivek and I am an Indian. Last winter, I visited UAE for the very first time. Being an Indian, I also fascinate too many things about UAE. I used to watch multiple videos and pictures about different places in the UAE. I have been collecting money from the past two years just to visit Dubai. Luckily, I was succeeded to collect sufficient money to visit Dubai. I took my camera with me. I was passionate and excited to capture every single moment in my camera.

I am a nature lover and decided to book desert safari Dubai to enjoy rambunctious activities and adventurous desert sports. I selected the VIP desert safari deal to make this moment special by all means. It was 3:00 pm and a Land Cruiser came to pick me for the desert safari adventure. I enjoyed the journey. When I arrived in the desert their hospitality was worthy to mention here. The vast wilderness of Arabian Desert captured me its beauty. The orange dunes were glorifying with luminous yellow sunshine. I was welcomed in a typical Arabian style with warm Arabic tea and coffee. It boosted energy to enjoy spectacular activities.

The 45 minutes dune bashing pumps adrenaline in the body:

My excitement level was as high as a mountain. The name of my driver was Abdul Samad. He was well-trained for how to drive on alternating dunes.My heart was palpitating badly. The driver was very smart to increase the adventure level. He struck the car on the apex and immediately rushed in the downward direction. It rushed adrenaline in my veins.

ATV quad biking is a gift for adventure lovers:

The most invigorating part of the desert safari VIP tour Dubaiwas ATV quad biking. It was like hiking in the desert on the bike. The three-wheeler quad bike was easy to manage. It was full of adventure to drive on the elevated dunes. This ride was full of jumps and jolts with a blast of thrill.

Sandboarding is a cheerful and thrilling activity:

I took a sandboard and started sand skiing from the tallest dune. The slips from dunes were amusing and full of adventure.

The magical moment of sunset compels you to take pictures:

During sunset, the sky was filled with five enchanting colors. The colors like grey, orange, yellow, green, and blue were merging into one another. This divine beauty encouraged me to make a pose. I took many pictures there.

Camel ride to the campsite:

It was a joyous moment when I was about to fall from camel but luckily I managed to sit on it. I saw a panoramic view of the Arabian Desert on the top of the camel on my way to the campsite.

Taste lavish and finger-licking intercontinental BBQ dinner:

I went into the bathroom to wash my hands before dinner. The bathrooms were neat and a separate bathroom facility was available for both men and women. The BBQ dinner included in thedesert safari VIP tour Dubaiwas sumptuous and tasty. The waiter came and served the dinner in a VIP manner as if I were dining in a 7-star luxury hotel. The juicy and spicy intercontinental dinner was not less than a feast for me. The redolence of Arabic tea and ghawa was mesmerizing. I have not tried such nutritious, sweet, and tender dates ever before.

Enjoy well-choreographed dance performances:

The Arabian flute was melodious and relaxing. The dancers were extra-ordinary trained and synchronized. I am a lover of dance. I enjoyed belly dance and Tanura dance. Then a fire dancer came to show his tricks. I was speechless after watching his performance. I was about to bite my nails after watching fire eating and fire breathing tricks.

Enjoy the rich flavor of tobacco with HubbleeBubblee:

There was a separate area in the desert where I tried the Arabic sheesha pipe. I have not tried such a rich flavor of tobacco before. The design of Arabic pipes was tempting.  It is safe because nicotine and tar are absorbed in water and do not damage the lungs.

There was an area at the campsite where girls and females were having henna painting tattoos that were looking beautiful.I was given VIP treatment during the tour from start to end. I was dropped off with the same protocol around 9:30 pm. Those 6 hours in the desert were the best part of the Dubai tour.I recommend all adventure-junkies to book desert safari Dubai to enjoy exciting activities during their visit to the UAE.