Loft conversions are very popular these days as so much of the country is plagued by what is often termed a’Loft Crisis’. If you need or want to introduce additional living space into your house, then a loft conversion might be just the solution. As a well-designed loft conversion will not just make more usable living space for your family to utilise, but if you plan to include an extra bathroom, lounge, guest bedroom or perhaps even an open plan kitchen into your house, it is a really clever option to an extension which could even increase the value of your house..

One of the great things about a loft conversion is that it can be adapted to fit in with your existing design. In many cases, this means finding a property which already has a fantastic design but would give you enough space to make it work. Once you have identified a property with a perfect opening you could then consult with the property owner to see if they would be able to allow you to incorporate things into their design. Perhaps, they might agree to let you take over an entire wing or part of their building to make the conversion; after all, they certainly wouldn’t want to leave anything down. A loft conversion kit can help you achieve this.

When you have enough planning and space in place, you can focus on the detail – the details that make a loft conversion work. After all, one of the most important factors of converting a house is the type of flooring you use. There are two main types of loft conversion flooring – hardwood and carpet. Hardwood will provide you with a fantastic living space, especially if you choose a traditional type of wood. However, if you live in a high damp environment hardwood can often be damaged by water so it is better for you to opt for a different type of floor.

If you are going for a cosy feel to your loft conversion, then laminate floors could be a good choice. Although they aren’t as durable as hardwoods, laminate still makes for a great space and they are cheap to buy. To make the best use of your laminated flooring, you should install an under-counter heating system as this can keep your loft warm in the winter and keep the warmth in your loft in the summer Loft Conversion Ascot. Also, installing an under-cabinet cupboard underneath your loft stairs will enable you to store all your small kitchen appliances in one place and leave the rest of the room free.

Of course, if you really want to maximise your loft conversion’s potential you can choose to create an extra bedroom. An extra bedroom can be used for guests when they come round for drinks after work or it can be a lovely place for your own family to spend time relaxing. There are many loft conversion living room ideas that involve creating an extra bedroom such as turning your loft into a games room or a home office where your kids can study. You can even turn your unused attic space into a guest room if you have the space.

When you have your architect around to look over your loft conversion ideas you should also check to find out whether your planned designs mean that you have the right amount of roof space. If you’re planning on building an addition onto your house, you should make sure that you get an appropriate permit. You will need a planning application to get the go-ahead to build an additional building on your property. This means that you will need the help of a professional architect to draw up the plans for the addition. Make sure that you work closely with the architect to ensure that you create the best plans possible for your new addition.

If your plan is to turn your attic space into a home office then you have a variety of loft conversion design ideas. One of the most popular loft conversion ideas involves building a low bookcase that features ladders for climbing up into your loft space. You can also take advantage of existing space by using it to create a home office with enough space for a desk and computer – and make use of the existing window space by installing glass panels in each of the three walls. You could also opt to make use of existing space by converting your loft into a sauna or steam room.

Natural light is something that we all need. When you are choosing your loft conversion design ideas, you should ensure that you get enough natural light. A good idea is to install windows that let in plenty of natural light so that you are able to illuminate the entire room easily. You will also need plenty of ventilation so that the space does not become damp. Look out for plans with double doors, as this will allow you to enjoy natural light while you perform your bathroom renovations.