Are you in trouble? Finding the solution to resolve SQL Server Error 5242. Then, you are on the right page. In this post, we will discuss the major techniques to resolve this error message. Users may encounter this issue while working with the SQL Server database. But they can be resolved easily with the right techniques. So, let’s not waste your precious time anymore and just dig in.

Expert Solution: If you want to recover corrupted database from SQL Server, then you are recommended to go for the enterprise-grade level professional SQL Recovery tool. This is the most recommended tool by the SQL Administrators as it makes the data recovery process effortless. In addition to this, the complete process is carried out without any data loss issue. For prior evaluation, you can download the version of the tool.

How to Resolve SQL Server Error 5242?

In the subsequent section, you are going to explain both manual and automated solutions to fix this error. You can choose any approach wisely because sometimes the manual process fails to provide the desired result.

Manual Method to Resolve SQL Server Error 5242

Approach 1: Restore Database from Backup File

Users can restore the data from the backup file, it is one of the preferable solution to fix such issues. If the backup is healthy and up-to-date, one can easily recover data back to its initial state. This method restores the complete database present in the last backup file and fix the SQL 5242 error.

Approach 2: Execute DBCC CHECKDB Command

If in case you do not have a recent and healthy backup then, only one solution is left i.e. run DBCC CHCKDB. To Fix SQL Server error 5242. It is suggested to run the DBCC command without any repair clause and determine the level of corruption. Afterward, run it with the suggested repair clause according to the corruption level.

Expert Solution to Fix SQL Server Error 5242 (safe & secure)

When it comes to data security, don’t compromise with your valuable data by choosing any manual approach randomly. No doubt, this issue may also fix manually but it is very time-consuming and sometimes a risky solution. So, users should pick an effective and smart solution to fix SQL Server Error 5242, therefore, we suggest to go with third-party tools like Emaildoctor SQL recovery.

This is a direct and error-free solution to resolve this issue in a single attempt with this application. Its user-friendly interface makes it very popular among users due to which novice and non-technical users won’t face any kind of trouble while handling it.

Just add the database files (.mdf & .ndf), the utility automatically removes any type of errors from SQL Server database with full safety and accuracy. MDF file created by all versions of SQL Server is smoothly recovered by the tool and users smartly install this app on any Windows platform.

Below we have listed some advanced features of this software:

  1. Recovers both primary and secondary database files (MDF & NDF).
  2. Recover database objects such as table, stored procedure, trigger, view, and other items with high accuracy.
  3. Dual scanning modes are available to deal with all corruption stages (Quick & Advance).
  4. The tool also provides support for advanced data types like ASCII and Unicode XML.
  5. Option to export recovered data directly to SQL Server database.
  6. Highly compatible with all SQL Server versions and can be run on any Windows OS.

Wrapping up:

Well, in the above blog, we have discussed different approaches to resolve MS SQL Server error 5242. But keep in mind the described manual methods require technical knowledge and do not provide the desired results sometimes. Thus, you can opt for the automatic solution to tackle such issues without any data loss.