Hello everyone here today I am telling you Can I use a 3d immoviewer to create a 2d floor plan? For several months now, in your 3D immoviewer tours, we have been checking the production of 360° floor plans and are pleased to announce their official launch. Today, your desktop dashboard will now allow you to order floor plans. And the only way to measure the camera is from the floor to the center.

 How much we love it all.

You will not only download 2D floor plans for inclusion with other marketing documents but will also integrate your floor plans directly into your tours.

  • When you’re floating, the floor plan scales, and you’re giving feedback to the way you’re facing. Besides, by merely clicking on the floor plan, you can move from room to room.

Easy Simple Economic.

Plan floors start with just $25 and can be purchased in bulk for just $20. On any ride, click on the green “Planning ” button, and we’ll build your floor plan on 360° photographs.

  • The height of your camera lens from the floor is the only metric we need to improve its accuracy. You need to do this once if you still have the same tripod at the same height.
  • In 24-48 hours, we can set up a dimensional schedule and automatically integrate it into your tour. And if anything doesn’t look good in the floor plan, please let us know. Of course, if you haven’t taken a picture of the house room, we can’t complete the floor plan.

Just don’t think about that.

Delete the space from the tour until the floor plan has been installed if there’s a room you’re not wanting to see on a tour because it’s going to go out instantly. When finished, the floor plan will not be affected.

Real estate film-maker

Immoviewer is a tech solution that integrates automated real-estate video content with easy 3D 360 tours.

  • It’s a technological tool for experts who want to create their lists in a complete 3d floor plans video. You can quickly build land pages from your listing feed using this cost-effective software and build floor plans using this tool.

ShowShow.com #1

VirtuallyShow.com is a cost-effective virtual tour tool that allows you the ability to create a virtual tour of your home and commercial real estate in just one minute.

  • It is a virtual tour system for online immobilization, which provides all the leading and advanced virtual tools and features to create professional tours.
  • The app includes a simple dashboard to track your account and travel. It’s really easy to use. VirtuallyShow.com also provides companies with the ability to build and run XML feed tours. Compared to all other leading pages, hundreds of free samples are obtained and viewed by each group.
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Theme 3D #2

Concept3D is a cloud-based software application for businesses to build and maintain 3D charts, virtual maps, and experiences to improve visitor satisfaction and customer experience.

  • It allows users to quickly access location integration information and send visual messages of their customized content.
  • The app offers an easy and user-friendly Drag & Dry dashboard for a short tour a few minutes away. Concept3D is software for virtual tour creation and offers planning, content management, 3d floor plan modeling, and data visualization that makes it better than others.