Where advanced technology has added to our problems, another side, it has provided us with more comfort than before. Stealth mode apps are the best technology of all time, which has decreased a lot of people’s worries.

Why did a person feel the need to spy on someone’s location? If we reflect the light in the case of parents, they want to check where their kid goes and to whom he/she meets most of the time. Likewise, the employer can track the routine of any employee and figure out where the targeted employee goes usually.

Out of hundreds of great spying apps, we found TOS first based on its highly appreciable reviews. Its advanced features allow the user to track the targeted device anytime from anywhere. Let’s take a closer look at his crazy Android Tracker application.

TheOneSpy Location Tracking Features for Android Devices
Although TheOneSpy provides its powerful location tracking features for all devices. But for Android, it offers 4 different smart GPS tracking ways. Each one performs efficient functions and provides the exact location with history as well. Here are the four TOS tracking tools listed below:
Real-Time Location Tracking Feature
Track Location Through SMS
Monitoring Without GPS
View Location History of The Android Device

Brief Description of Location Tracking Features
Let us tell you a little about each feature so you could have an image of their functions.
Real-Time Location Tracking Feature
All you need to do is activate the feature from the TOS online user account portal and start instant monitoring. You can monitor the targeted device in no time and get the exact pin location of the target device. It maintains user privacy with 100% secrecy and gives a guarantee of it.
If a user sees the targeted person in trouble, he/she can reach their location by following the live location track.
Track Location Through SMS
This one is unique from the previous method. It enables the user to track the targeted Android phone via SMS. For this purpose, you have to send a text message/SMS to the targeted phone to get the location information directly. Once the recipient opens it, the user will be able to track on the spot. It provides a real-time track with high accuracy and works smoothly.
Monitoring Without GPS
It is needed when a targeted person turns off his/her mobile MAP. Then you can use this feature to spy on that specific device location.
To do this, you must have a previous call and SMS record with a particular device. This will allow you to track that device with 100% privacy.
View Location History of The Android Device
History creator keeps all the records of targeted device locations wherever it has been taken by its owner. It shows all pinned safe and unsafe locations visited by the targeted person. It provides each visited location day, date and time along with stay duration.
TheOneSpy Android Location Tracker Useful Benefits for Business Owners and Parents /Guardians

TheOneSpy specifically promotes ethical and legal spying. Before allowing subscription, it makes sure that the person wants the app for legal spying or not.
If anyone even gets the app by showing a fake face and misuse the app. So, the TOS team is always active and monitors users’ use of the app. Upon seeing such activity, they can cancel the particular user’s subscription without informing.
Let’s see how TOS proves helpful for its users.
Benefit for business
With TOS tracking tools, employers can keep their Android devices secure. The employees will stay from engaging in any suspicious activity such as stealing office equipment or handing it over to others. This reduces the risk factors for the business.
Benefit for parents
Parents can prevent their kids timely before they destroy their future. Parents can track where their children are using the phone. They can also prevent them from dating, club visits and engaging in harmful activities.

Final Thought
Well, after viewing TOS dynamic Android Tracker, you might be thinking of getting its subscription. But still, we would suggest that you visit their official site and read the description of all these four features on your own. It will remain helpful in your mental satisfaction, and you can take the decision instantly.